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CAVIARUM – The Best Substitute Caviar offers the ultimate alternative to the traditional and expensive caviar delicatessen. CAVIARUM is a “Man Made Product” as its production involves using molecular science technology by extracting fish broth and using fish oils to create a formulated liquid, in the production process ingredients such as coloring, stabilizer and salt are added to the liquid. The formulated liquid is channeled through a process that uses special machines that create the small balls “The Fish Egg (alike) Shape”. Basically, our high-tech advanced custom made machinery used in our plant build the membranes of the small balls, therefore the product received at the end of the process identically resembles the real sturgeon caviar in its shape, color, and taste. The process is very similar as done by producers of real sturgeon caviar processing roe eggs with our addition stage of the pasteurization process. At the last stage, the product is prepared, packed and stored in a cooled storage at 2-4 degrees Celsius.
CAVIARUM products carry the highest Canadian health permits and hold an HACCP certificate for its production facility as well as SQF, CFIA permits as approved by health authorities in Canada and USA. Products are pasteurized and stored in temperature control environment, cooled storage or a fridge at 2-4 degrees Celsius and are good to be used for 3-6 month from its production date.
CAVIARUM motto is: “Taking Food Creations to New Heights” this statement is not just a declaration its real as we directly aim to very creative chefs in the hospitality services, a vast market of food creators, food providers, professional eateries and food establishments that offer endless gastronomic possibilities, unfortunately, the majority of them are unable to use real caviar due to its high cost, short shelf life, and inconsistent availability.
CAVIARUM offers stable production capabilities from its Toronto, Canada plant. Its good taste, product variety (we offer four different substitute caviar products), affordability and long shelf life creates the opportunity for food providers and chefs to experiment and devise new and exciting culinary creations while elevating food servings to new heights. This, in turn, lets them offer their customers’ real gourmet treats at accessible prices.
CAVIARUM also offers organized and fast delivery by temperature controlled shipping to destinations all over the world with its professional logistics partners.
As CAVIARUM Founders best describe their products in this short sentence: “Even a simple omelet served on a casual breakfast gets an amazing boost in taste and appearance when topped with a small portion of CAVIARUM - The Best Substitute Caviar Products”

There seems to be a growing demand in global markets for replacements of high end products and services. One of these products related to the food industry is caviar. Traditionally caviar is a Russian treat of salted eggs from the sturgeon fish from the Caspian and/or Black Sea, however with CAVIARUM brand it is a bit different then the traditional caviar, it starts at being nature friendly by protecting the overfishing of sturgeons and continue at bringing high quality tasty products that are commercially available and appealing to the average consumer. Actually right now there is almost no commercial production of high quality substitute caviar in the market that identically resembles the real sturgeon caviar and offers long shelf life at affordable price.
With caviar from the Caspian Sea being either too expensive or morally murky as Caspian Sea sturgeons have been on the endangered species list for a while due to uncontrolled over fishing and the heavy pollution that has deteriorated the quality of the water drastically, or being just plain unavailable, some countries have seen growth in their farmed caviar industries, notably the U.S., Canada, Israel, China, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Italy. Now France has joined the list as well. The Ossetra and Sevruga sturgeons are farmed for their precious raw eggs however Caviar farming requires a huge investment of time and money. The sturgeon fish are raised in freshwater ponds that must be isolated from the river that feeds them to avoid returning polluting waste products. Construction of the pens and water processing plants is very costly.
Additionally, sturgeons, which are very long lived, generally don’t mature to produce roe until they are about 8-10 years old, so the investment of time and money to get them to the producing stage is substantial.
The shelf life of the caviar that is taken from sturgeon is very short, few weeks and up to 1-2 month at the most and the price is way high then being commercial therefore none appealing to the average consumer. Farmed caviar starts at around $2,000 per kg and up to $7,000-$8,000 per kg, the real Beluga caviar is even more expensive and can reach a price of more then $15,000 per kg. The rear Albino can reach a whopping price of $40,000 a kg.
CAVIARUM products affordability creates the opportunity for food providers and chefs in the hospitality service such as Restaurants, Catering Operations, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Casinos, Event Kitchens, Airlines, Cruises, Vacation sites and Resorts as well as to a variety of culinary food providers to experiment and devise new and exciting culinary creations. This, in turn, lets them offer their customer’s real gourmet treats at accessible prices.